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This version mostly contains GUI updates as well as a new storage system.

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Pokémon3D version 0.39 comes with mostly bug fixes and an all new storage system. There aren’t too many new features since I was focusing on improving the GUI system for keyboard and controllers.

But here is the changelog anyway:

  • New storage system
  • Made menus and some interfaces useable with controller/keyboard
  • New input screen for controllers
  • Made mouse cursor disappear when not used
  • Improved texture loading
  • Remade the daycare script to resemble the original games
  • Fixed a ton of script bugs.

The new version will be out in a few minutes, have fun with it.

//The Pokémon3D team.


I don't mean to bug, but as I stated in the last news article when you said you were adjusting things for X and Y, how big of changes were they? Just like Pokedex entries, or stats or something? though personally I would like to keep it as close to the original games as possible, not the remakes or new games. But obviously I have no say/control of you, its your game. just stating my opinion

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Up top it says it has nothing to do with the old games, simply recreating the Jhoto region

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actually in the way it is written that they have nothing to do with Nintendo/gamefreak.

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Veritas Online

as long as they animate lugia's aeroblast like in silver/gold / 2nd movie im happy XD. but yeah i like more how things in the first 2 generations=) some improvements have been made though since... and i have confidence it will be awesome however nilllzz makes it.

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