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Hello to the IndieDB community. Highcastle Studios would like to introduce to you our new game Point Perfect. Think of it as a roguelike arcade game. Sort of like Binding of Isaac meets Osu. Please check it out and follow!

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The Year is 2014. Sony and Microsoft release what they call "the next generation of gaming". What at first appears to be great success for the gaming juggernauts quickly turns into the worst video game crash since the unholy release of the entity known as "ET" for Atari. Gamers for the first time realize that they have been tricked for the last 10 years into playing the same 4 games. These games of course are: Jumping Game; Sports Game; Driving Game; and of course Call of Duty Game. Gamers start to understand that there will come a day when graphics can not be improved and the 4 games will become less and less meaningful. That underneath all of that icing, are 4 stale cakes. Then came a revolution! A game with graphics so bodaciously bad and gameplay more addictive than crack cocaine. This game was known only as Point Perfect. And so history was made and games were no longer weighed on graphics alone. Are you part of the revolution?

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