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This is an RPG based on the life of Champa, a young girl trafficked into brothels. #GameForChange to raise awareness about trafficking.

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Your journey will start with Champa as a young girl, playful and carefree. MISSING: The Complete Saga, has a strong focus on building your own character and going through your unique journey of life while playing as Champa. You are tasked to make your own choices as you proceed further in the game. This results in a completely different development of the main character, for each individual player. Your small decisions throughout her life, will shape her destiny. Be it the skills she will learn, the career path she will follow, or even with whom she will fall in love. But in this part of the world, some rules that shape lives are twisted, deformed and cruel. The choices in this game will be created with an aim to mimic the harsh realities that are faced by individuals who become victims of trafficking and also highlights the difficult choices one has to make to survive in the dark hole of sexual exploitation. Champa is valiant and fights poverty and social injustice. But, will she be able to survive from the organised attack of women traffickers looming in her village? Or will she be poached to the red light areas of the city as a sex slave? It’s all up to you.

Events in this game are based on interviews with victims, rescuers, and social workers, who fight day and night to help these girls, and to spread the awareness about this danger in which they have to live. The game gives you a striking look at the challenges and trials in the lives of young women who are trafficked every year.

This is their story.

Every 26 seconds a child is trafficked

The average age of a girl forced into sex trafficking has fallen from 12 to 9 years old.
That’s a Class 3 student. 7 year olds fetch the highest prices in the industry.


Missing uses psychological intervention in all its strategies and tools to create that wedge, which shakes the status quo in society. This has a direct correlation to the rise in sex trafficking and the drop in the age of a victim each year.

Leena Kejriwal

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