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Post news RSS Ploxmons DevLog #20- New and reworked abilities

Added new abilities to mons, bosses and ploxpowers and reworked some older abilities. Read more about it and the reasons behind it in this devLog!

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Ploxmons DevLog #20

- New and reworked abilities

Hello everyone,

I want to give you a short update about the progress of the last week.

Ploxmons is in a very advanced state so far. Almost all of the core features are done. However there are of course many many minor and major open TODOS like fixing bugs, adding more VFX, animations, mons, abilties, minor features and many more..

In a huge project like Ploxmons it is easy to get lost in all the little details that take a huge amount of time to implement but are not really crucial for the game itself. For this reason we decided to get the important things done first to get closer to our goal to release the game: Abilities


The Abilities are the core of the battle in Ploxmons. Almost every Ploxmon, Ploxboss or Ploxpower has some Abilities that makes battling with them interesting. Most of the Abilities are already done however there are still quite a few Abilities waiting to be implemented (or need some rework). In the last week we talked a lot about the missing Abilities, came up with a few new or reworked some of the old. The internal Ability System in Ploxmons is quite flexible and powerful. Over the last years the System was further extended with each new Ability allowing us to configure a huge variation of Abilities without implementing each of them in code. However once in a while there are Abilities we want to add that are currently not possible to configure which require the System to be extended even more. I spend most of the time this week to extend the System, adding more code on the server and client to allow the new Abilities to work which we came up with.

Overall approximately 95% of all the Abilities are done which is a huge step for us. In the next week we will try to finish the remaining ones so we can close this task from our list. This is it for today's devlog.Thanks again for staying by. Stay safe and see you in the chat!



- a lot of Abilities added / reworked
- overall bug fixes


As a bonus, here are a few new monster animations that were done recently:

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