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DISCLAIMER: THIS RELEASE IS A VERY EARLY ALPHA OF THE GAME. IT HAS LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY AND ITS MAIN PURPOSE IS TO GET SOME EARLY FEEDBACK ON GAME MECHANICS AND TO FIND BUGS SO I HAVE A STABLE BASE TO START BUILDING THE BETA. So i have submitted the alpha to Desura and hopefully by the time you read this it should be available for download. This article will serve as a tutorial to the game and to provide some important information.

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****Just a pre-warning this is the very first alpha release of Samphi so please be patient if you find bugs and features that do not work 100%. I will be releasing patches to the game very regularly and will be fixing issues as soon as they are brought to my attention***

I have been developing Samphi for almost 2 years now (development was slow as I as studying at collage at the time) and its time for the alpha.

Each time i have come to release an alpha I have stopped myself as I have been worried about bugs and so forth, but it is time to just get it out there, let you guys play test it, find bugs i missed so we have a solid foundation to build the beta around.


So the game is about crafting, building and fighting. These three mechanics have been implemented at a basic level but you can still have some good fun with the game. There are many crafting recipes to be found, and i am not going to post them unless everyone is very stuck as i think that is the whole fun of this type of game. Trying out different combinations of items and finding items.

Build, craft and fight. I recommend using the bow as your weapon as the fighting mechanics for the sword are stupid at the moment, it is really only implemented as a test but i didn't want to remove it from the release.


The main worry i have about this release are bugs. I have play tested the game a lot, but i play the game in my own way. By that i mean i tend to do the same things so i am sure there will be bugs that i have missed. If you find a bug you can drop a comment on here, and i am also going to be implementing a feedback form on the games website www.greenygames.com and will let you all know when that is live.

**One bug that has already come to me attention is that if you catch fish and then load the game with some still in your inventory the game crashes. This has already been addressed and will be implemented in the next patch.**


I massively appreciate all feedback on the game good and bad as it lets me know what works/doesn't work. Again, drop any messages here for the time being until my feedback form is up and running.

Please remember this is an incredibly early release so don't judge the whole game on what you see here. You are seeing 15% of the big picture. I just decided that this was good time to put the alpha out as all the core game mechanics have been implemented in some way and i can't seem to find any more major bugs.

Thanks for playing Samphi and i hope you enjoy the game.



Still cant download when will it be available?

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GreenyGamesStudio Author

Not sure dude. It depends how long it takes Desura to process my upload :(. Next day or two it should be out.


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