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We planned for a playtesting match in mid-October. Now that we finally got one complete, we now have a much better idea of what needs to be done, and whats great already.

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We're doing well with our Crimson Crow project.
Though its the roughest of the rough, we have a much better idea of what should be done, and what should be improved. Heres a few things we've discovered:

  • No auto-aim or aim helper is used. Picking off a target at 500 yards is no easy task, but when the battle gets up close, bullets will shred through anything. We found this leads to many bullets skimming players. Getting a headshot was instant respect.
  • Underwater battles were amazing. Bullets speed by with trails were they just were, and with hundreds of bullets flying about, underwater matches become quite tense for a good marksman.
  • Maps had many neat hiding spots and side buildings to take cover in. Even with the maps barely finished, they were still quite fun.

Map: Quarter District. With underground passage ways, buildings for cover, and a bridge to control, this map quickly became a favorite.

To Crimson Crow: Indiedb.com



umm what game is this for, v4 doesnt say the game name.

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JustDaveIsFine Author

Sorry, I didn't realize it doesn't have the name. There, that should fix it.

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Woah never seen that pic

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