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After the three-times playtest sessions, we have gathered much feedbacks about the gameplay, the design, music and we have recorded those feedbacks and improved our game in these days.

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    • What’s New
      • Added the 3D model of a protected princess.
      • For the player who is playing the mage, now he can hold the right trigger to release the fireballs. But we added some cooldown time gap to make sure the whole game is dynamic.
      • We add a big secret boss at the very end of the game. Players will be trapped in an arena, and they must defeat the boss then they can move on to the next stage.
      • We added some particle systems to the cannon, the stones, and the enemies. In order to make sure the whole game is like a solid complete game, we used the same type of particle system.
      • Players now will see the lighting circle under their feet, which will make them realize the position of the character.
      • We have created a new area name arena and created a liftable gate.
      • Now players will see an explosion of payload.
      • When players have finished the current level, the pip will move them to the next level, which is a garden in the sky.
      • Add a new tutorial for healing.
      • Add a camera moving feature to make the players know what happens.

    • What’s the Motivation
      • Many people talk about the intensity of our game that we have to tweak the number of enemies throughout the way.
      • Some players may be confused when there are many enemies at the start.
      • Some players say they would like to say more collaborations, and that is why we have created some new features that require players to work together, especially for healing.
      • Players say they need a challenge and a huge difference throughout the whole gameplay, so we add a new boss.
      • Some players may find it is hard to follow the instructions and don't know how to release healball. So we added a new tutorial to teach players how to release healball and how to heal each other.
      • Players are complaining about the speed of characters, which makes it hard to catch the payload and follow the route, so we tweak it.

  • What’s Next
    • Keep making the whole difficulty smoothly.
    • Add features that require players to collaborate.
    • Tweak the spawn point and the number of enemies.
    • Add a color palette that represents an epic and magical world.
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