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Frozen under fog stabilizes. Lot's of paper-cuts have been fixed. We are heading towards a new stable release soon. Help testing and get a sneak peak of the next OpenRA installment.

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The -2 is a re-release because the Windows packaging scripts failed at first.


  • Restored ALT+F4 aka "rage-quit button" for Windows again.
  • Replaced the burning transport helicopter with rocks on Athena
  • Fixed offsets and muzzle flashes for RA and C&C. Thanks to Reaperrr!
  • Added location of clients and servers using a local GeoIP database:

This should help you find opponents for a fine match without lag.

  • Reworked frozen actors to support tooltips and orders.
  • Fixed a rare crash with HackyAI bots.
  • Revamped the explosions and impact sounds in Red Alert. Thanks to Reaperrr!
  • Fixed FPS text only visible together with the performance graph and adjusted positions.
  • Balanced snipers so that they won't even attempt to shoot at everything else than infantry to not reveal their position.
  • Fixed Kill/Death statistics when husks are involved (they counted twice before).
  • Fixed the brightness for the C&C snow theatre. Thanks to Reaperrr!

  • Fixed muzzle flashes drawn behind the unit.
  • Fixed cash ticks being visible through the fog of war.
  • Added --map-hash to the OpenRA.Utility.exe command line tool. Thanks to Dan9550!
  • Fixed a crash when joining the dedicated servers and choosing starting units.

Nice work, guys!
I am so excited about the RA2-Mod :)

Keep up the good work!!

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I can rage quit again!

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Haha cool :D

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