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More polishing and bug-fixes towards the next stable release.

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  • Fixed scripted mission AI not attacking because it's shroud was not revealed.
  • Removed duplicate e8.shp.
  • Added documentation for the hidden Dune II SHP converter (Utility).
  • Fixed harvesters not undocking when refinery is destroyed.
  • Added new Colorpicker with graphical mixer as well as new ping and admin indicators:

  • Changed surrender button will now give access to the complete spectator mode including the extensive stats screen (big underlying code cleanup).
  • Fixed mechanic now gets a wrench cursor icon instead of red-cross.
  • Fixed random crash when fonts were not initialized on loadscreens.
  • Fixed Dune 2000 mod installation on Windows.
  • Fixed random crashes when creating replay files.
  • Removed dynamic order lag as it caused more problems in multi-player than expected.
  • Changed use Ping/Pong orders instead of ICMP round trip time for a more realistic assessment.
  • Added new spawn tooltip showing team/faction to Red Alert and Dune 2000 mod (was Tiberian Dawn exclusive)
  • Removed obsolete Random Map button from d2k lobby.
  • Removed the ALT modifier for buildings hotkeys and adjusted the keybindings and build palette order to compensate.
  • Added missing target line and flash for demo-truck attacks.
  • Changed C&C tanks rate of fire has been increased.
  • Added you can now type make version on Mac/Linux to set the version string after fetching the source code from GitHub using git.
  • Fixed auto-updating the pause state when F9 was pressed and the settings menu is being opened (was wonky).
  • Fixed crash when pinging the incoming client failed.


We are kinda in feature freeze to get a stable release soon with no new unexpected changes (aka bugs), but anyway you can vote at the ModDB images section for a new RA main menu layout.


it's nice with all these updates

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