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Small maintenance updates as a preparation for the stable release.

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  • Added openra.ipdx.ru to the mirror list to fetch game assets and some Windows installer dependencies. (Thanks to xaionaro!)
  • Fixed husks were not rendered under other actors.
  • Added filters and ping to game server browser.
  • Fixed enemies showing on minimap under fog (regression).
  • Changed `random map` button in RA moved into map-chooser.
  • Fixed bogus shroud disable when using developer mode (was clobbering every client's RenderedPlayer to the player who was setting their cheat).
  • Changed syncreport.log are now more verbose dumping fields of all values for easier debugging.
  • Changed C&C making repair bay cheaper since it does not unlock new units. Lowered HP.
  • Changed C&C shortened construction yard cooldown 5 -> 4 secs.
  • Fixed crash in ObserverShroudSelectorLogic if two players have the same name.
  • Changed Desert Shellmap to prevent Allies from destroying Soviet base.
  • Changed automatic port forwarding is now enabled by default if all pre-checks end well.
  • Changed C&C bridges are indestructible for now until they can be repaired (coming soon).
  • Removed some annoyances from the RA temperat shellmap (noisy Cruiser canons and flickering Mig).
  • Changed DEBIAN/md5sums permissions to 0644 to silence an lintian error.
  • Added unit production and other buildings to desert shellmap, Reworked center of desert shellmap. Adjusted unit balancing.
  • Changed C&C build palette:: moved artillery over some more in menu.
  • Fixed C&C chinhook returning to base instead of unloading when pressing F.
  • Changed C&C sniper range reduced from 7 -> 5.5.
  • Changed all C&C explosion numbers have been replaced with descriptive names.
  • Fixed shroud for observers observing a player after win/loss.
  • Fixed maps/mods can now properly disable fog or shroud (or both).
  • Added another badger paradrop to the desert shellmap.
  • Fixed selection decorations being drawn behind fog, still displayed to allies & observers.
  • Added chinook reinforcements to Desert Shellmap.
  • Added support for draggable BackgroundWidgets.
  • Fixed more crashes when Mono.Nat fails.
  • Added another shellmap for RA with desert theme in Generals style.
  • Fixed hotkey conflicts between build palette and world command widget once and for all by requiring the ALT modifier for build orders.
  • Fixed render mines properly again and manned empty camo pillboxes in RA temperat shellmap.


C&C Crisis

The modding community recently found out that OpenRA is far easier to play with than binary hacking the originals and started pixeling:


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