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Let's talk about where we are going with this, or at least somewhat for now. In this part, I talk about Natural Powers, Politics, and Chosen People.

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So as we are now on IndieDB, I'd like to take the time to discuss what our goals are for this game, and what the general idea for the player's experience will be.

So to start off, this game will be somewhat hands-off. Now that doesn't mean that the player will be sitting on his chair (or couch if they are like that) and stare at the screen for 30 minutes waiting for something to happen. You could do that, or you could actively take charge of humanity's development using your epic godly powers of epicness.

What are these powers exactly? Well, I've got a list of the powers planned so far here:

Lightning Strike (Strike fear into the hearts of those that dared to defy your will, at least until a lightning rod is installed)
Summon Monsoon (Help a city get a small food boost they need)
Earthquake (The ultimate city speciality reset button)
Meteor Strike (Not the kind to crack the world open, but enough to certainly frighten the superstitious)
Divine Inspiration (Think of it as if Da Vinci was suddenly stricken with a stroke of genius)
Afflict Madness (Don't think I need to explain this, just makes a city rebel for no reason or an arbitrary one [Vancouver anyone?])
Famine (Could make a nation more reliant on outside assistance)
Boost the population of a pest (A sudden boom in the cockroach population could be bad yes?)
Heat the Core (No references to the movie The Core here, just increases the volatility of volcanoes around the globe)
Birth a Great Person (Creates a special named pop in a nation, who not only listens to everything you tell him, but also takes complete control of the nation in question! How great is that!)
Locust Plague (Yes, these buggers are pretty much the trademark bringer of famine for god aren't they?)

These natural powers are your tools to manipulate the various peoples of the world to doing your bidding. Or you could just do nothing and see if mankind actually solves it's problems by itself.



Ah yes, that one thing that turns water into wine, or at least that's what the politician promised me. Politics will play a huge part in how humanity develops. It affects their foreign policy, how happy their people might be, and how much they are willing to listen to your suggestions and generate piety.

For example, Red nation has just recently conquered a city of the Green nation. Green nation had lots of policies geared towards tolerance of other nationalities, resulting in lots of minorities in the city all being loyal towards Green. Naturally when Red rolls in with their draconian laws and persecution, your going to create lots of resentment and even all out revolts. This can even recreate nations long since conquered or even create entirely new nations with their own ideals.

As god, you could use this to your advantage to increase the likeability of a strong nation to reduce the likelihood of unhappiness of it's eventual empire. Just make sure to back the winning horse!


Chosen People

From time to time, you may as god find yourself running short of piety frequently. To counter this, you can choose one nationality and turn them into your chosen people. This gives a phenomenal boost to piety growth at the cost of making other nationalities inherently hostile towards them.


That's all I'm going to outline for now, I will post another part in a couple of days. You can also expect a video trailer of the game in a couple of weeks as well, so keep an eye on developments!

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