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We have a playable demo up on the main site; keep in mined this is very early stage and there are still plenty of dead ends if you will; You can find the link over on the main page or in the body of this posting.

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The image above will link you to the demo; it is a Unity 3D web deployment so you will need the Unity plugin though the page should direct you to download it if you don't already have it.

The controls are as follows.
(~); tilde key, toggles the HUD
(x); Tap to toggle enemy nine-lines or hold and scroll to change number of tracked enemies
(w); Forward movement
(a); Turn left
(d); Turn right
(s); Slow and Reverse
(q); Turn observer(i.e. camera) left
(e); Turn observer (i.e. camera) right
(LMB); left mouse button (i.e.button0) fire cannons
(RMB); right mouse button (i.e.button1) fire missiles
(Tab); cycle through Point Of Interest (POI) nine-lines
(Escape); opens the in mission menu; here you can return to the main menu and go again.In the Command Console you will see 3 green reticules patterns (and a number of grey ones) spinning on the galaxy map, select one or simply click the corresponding sector: subsector on the menu to the left of the galaxy. Subsectors with a black dot in there icon have missions available. For this demonstration keep to the Asgar sector; both “The Faction” and “The Hand” will play 1 of the 2 available demo missions.

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