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I've just released a playable demo of my hand-painted adventure game, "The Testament of the White Cypress", for Windows and Linux.

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Hello again, IndieDB community! I'm pleased to announce the first public playable-demo release of "The Testament of the White Cypress". Downloads are available for Windows and Linux. In the demo you can explore randomly-generated forests, fight enemies with the bow and arrow, find healing herbs, loot corpses, and gather supplies for crafting more arrows. Several special items are also included.


Here are the download links, followed by instructions and other information.

Download for Windows; Indiedb.com

Download for Linux: Indiedb.com

Once the demo begins, you can resize the window to your liking. Move your monk by right-clicking the destination area. There's a Scroll of Helping near you on the ground; double-click it with the left mouse button to open and read it. The pop up scrolls can be dragged around with the mouse, or closed with a right click.


You should look for twigs and branches, and collect stones so that you can craft more arrows. If you find some ginseng root, you can cast a healing spell. (Spells are the fixed items at the top of the inventory.) You can press Control-R at any time to restart the game with a new random forest configuration; try several forests to see what's available.


Please keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress demonstration, and some assets are non-final. Rough edges are to be expected. The game may also crash or exhibit other problems.

I hope you enjoy my little demo! And I'm already working on version 0.5, so I'll have more news for you as the game develops. Thanks for watching!

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