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I have a playable demo online for all to try. Proceed to the main post to find the link. Please note - It IS in a VERY early stage of development, so nothing in the game should be considered as final. Things will change based on feedback, so PLEASE leave feedback.

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Here is the link to try the game: Medieval Magic Demo
It may be a bit resource heavy at the moment, because the minimap camera is rendering everything for a second time, but this will be changed for the final version.

ATTACK: Red Arrow MUST be above enemy to attack.
melee Weapon - Get Near and FACE the enemy, Hold down Mouse button
Magic Weapon - > Click Equipment
>Right click the staff
> Click Spells
> select a spell
> Click Target
> Hold down mouse button
Bow- > Must have arrows in inventory
> Click target
> Hold down mouse button
***When holding down mouse button, cursor must be in the environment, not in the inventory etc.

Everything else should be explained in game. Otherwise let me know.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give feedback. That's how i know what needs improvements.

Thanks! and happy gaming

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