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Announcing search for playtesters for dragonevo tcg.

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We have been working on this game on and off for several years now and we are currently in early access. We need play testers to help us work on the card balancing, help with wiki and to find any weaknesses that we can improve to make the game more fun and interesting. (think hearthstone/magic but just not as good).

We currently have about 2000 registered players, but we need active testers who can help out and send us bug reports etc.

NO installation or plugins needed

Game: play.dragonevo.net (website will give you a warning as the certificate not valid at the moment)

Short video of the games highlights: Youtube.com

Wiki: Dragonevo.gamepedia.com

Website: blog.dragonevo.net (currently being reworked)

Discord server: Discord.gg

What is Dragon Evo:TCG? Dragon Evo:TCG is a free online card game with elements of RPG and tradition CCGs. The game is set in the Dragon Evo fantasy universe, where you must choose one of the rivaling factions on the continent of Erendor. Choose your path wisely - bring peace and balance to the land or complete domination.

Planned Features (These are some of the features planned or allready in the game)

Upgrade cards and their actions.

Train abilities and combine cards for more powerful effects.

Create a game character, level up your character and gain abilities throughout the game. Immersive Singeplayer story for each of the three factions.

Multiplayer battles with several gamemodes

Ranking system with leaderboards

Beautiful artwork for each card.

Rich story, background and lore for each factions and the fantasy world of Erendor.

Free to play design and not pay to win Plugin free - (Pure browser based game. (Tablet/ipad is also kind of working.)

Game is currently in early access and several features is yet to be implemented.We are trying to build up a active userbase as well as adding new features and maintaining the wiki.

Wiki: Dragonevo.gamepedia.com

Discord server: Discord.gg

Game: play.dragonevo.net (website will give you a warning as the certificate not valid at the moment)

The website for the game(blog.dragonevo.net) is currently being reworked meanwhile the game is accessible for everyone. And again, it's free for everyone to play.

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