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Download links (Mediafire) for early testing / preview of game. See post for detailed information on builds. Thank you.

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Over the course of the past 4 months or so I have been doing private test builds to iron out the game as much as possible before general release. I have decided that I need to expand on my feedback and criticism as much as I can so while I am working on the game hopefully people will play what I have already done and tell me what they think. I don't think everyone will like it but I would appreciate it if you kept snide remarks to yourselves.

At the bottom of this post you will find the links (mediafire) to various builds of the game. Please read the rest of this post carefully to understand what BUILD you need and what game play has been completed so far.

Build Information

Test Build 6
This is the regular / standard build of the game. It is the recommended Build for players.
If you have a slower computer or older computer then I would advise you get the Lite Build.

Lite Build 2
Less tested than the Regular build but should work fine. This build is best for players with older machines as it is less laggy.
Please be aware that the lite build disables dynamic lighting (so some junction boxes may become redundant) and also be aware that Torches and Flares DO NOT work because they are disabled due to the removal of the dynamic lighting function.

Game Modes

There are 5 major game modes in the game.
When you select "New Game" you will be met by a pre-loader and then you will be offered the TUTORIAL MODE. Please play this, especially if you did not play the first game. It will teach you all the basics of the game. I also want to note that there is a command in the menu called FIELD GUIDE please reference this for in game help / tutorials on the fly.

Breakdown of Game Modes

Story Mode
The main game story, I have only just finished making the intro chapters (about 30 mins gameplay) so you may find that your progress is halted when you reach the Field Base. Please try it and tell me what you think, it is an original story of my own and I hope it makes sense.

Original Mode
A complete remake of the first game. With all the new gameplay features and an extended story. This mode is 100% complete and takes around 10 hours to finish. It has 12 Levels and please tell me if you make it past Level 9 "Airstrip" as none of my testers have passed this point. Also note that this is the main mode that has been tested so a lot of the game tweaking is according to how this mode plays.

Survival Mode
Survival mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Extra Content
Reserved for DLC. Extra Content Mode IS NOT started. It will send you to the TEST MAP

Test Map
Built for my use mainly. You may find that things do not make sense on it, just play around with it.

Game Download Links

Test Build 6

Lite Build 2

Please enjoy the game and note that these links will not stay up forever.
Thank you for your time.

You can find more information on this game at:
ModDB: Indiedb.com
Website: Macwantsthewhat.com

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