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I recently found out that sending this to the Ouya will be no problem at all!

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Hi All, I went to an ATL Game Devs meeting this week, hosted by the IGDA and Thrust Interactive, who hosted a wonderful pizza and refreshment filled engagement. We all had the absolute pleasure of meeting Julie and Bob from the Ouya team, who were traveling around in a grass roots effort to get to know the devs in various locales. When I inquired about key mapping to the Ouya, I was told that we wouldn't need to. Instead, we can simply release (if it's not done before then) an app to turn a phone into a touch controller. The player will then be able to pair the device, through Bluetooth, to the Ouya and voila...you have a touch screen controller for the game. The awesome thing is, this is all standard technology, and will work for all games. The Ouya truly will be an upset for the console market this year, and I can't wait to be part of it. Oh, just to be clear on that, we are now including the Ouya as a platform to be included in our launch.

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