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OK, so today stands as the official beginning of The Contract; yippee! Currently we are looking for team members, starting small snippets of code whilst designing characters and storylines to a professional standard. Also, as you can, the see website is in development, so bear with us as it comes together! Seeing as the forums are also ready to go, I thought it time to fully open the website up to the public — not that we expect anyone to find us just yet!

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Writers Diary #1

Good day, all! Bradly here to give a quick update on the status of our work thus far on The Contract. The past week and a half has been pretty exclusively dedicated to the game's narration and characters.
Since starting, we've made pretty significant progress in defining the title's main protagonist, along with his supporting cast of secondary and tertiary characters. It's been an interesting process, creating a story that treads water that has been treaded many, many times before by other games and developers, while still figuring out clever ways to develop personalities and storyboards that feel unique and exciting.

As someone who has traditionally penned fantasy and science fiction pieces, it's been fun for me personally to change gears and work within a set of real-world rules, all the while having a bit of an imagination, considering much of The Contract takes place in a sort of unspoken, clandestine world that involves so many elements outside of the general public's awareness. In this, I've found that the creative process has been challenging, but also extremely liberating. Although I have historically written for other genres, military fiction and military history in general, has always been a passion of mine, so it's nice being able to draw upon the knowledge I do have, all the while consulting as many books on espionage and covert operations as humanly possible.

So while much of my energy has been devoted to the actual writing of character biographies and the like, an equal amount of effort has been put into research. As a writer, I place a lot of stock in authenticity: nothing is more immersion-breaking than playing a game that has glaring factual errors. It's important to me as a writer to maintain credibility in terms of creating a story that is as realistic and subsequently accurate as possible. My hope is that I can continue to uphold this value in my work on The Contract.That being said, storyboards and characters are not the only headway we've made; in fact, the game's script just broke ground last night and is coming together well thus far. We're excited to introduce players to a world with interesting characters and even more interesting interactions between them. The story is still in its infancy stage, and will undergo countless revisions - after all, the first draft is never the final one - so here's hoping to a joyride of narrative enthusiasm.

Well, that should do it for this entry. Be sure to check back in the coming days for more progress in other areas outside of story and lore, as our entire team is hard at work on pumping out as much stuff as we can.


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