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I have been taking some steps to speed up development by reducing the time I have to wait for things to get done.

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I have been trying to speed up development recently and here is a quick run on what I did/will do:

1. Hardware:
- Got a new high speed SSD dedicated for Unity Engine and Cyber City Alpha. Bye bye HDD bottlenecks!
- New NVIDIA GTX 1080. The old 1050 Ti was enough, but I got the 1080 cheap.
- Will upgrade CPU from I7-7700k 4C/8T 4400Hz to the new Ryzen 3950x 16C/32T once they become available later in 2019 to allow for more threads/jobs for faster multi-tasking, lightmaping and builds.

2. Development:
- Sill me doing the programming,3d, art, music, sound, UI.
- A friend will be helping with the cars, level design, additional sounds and design ideas.

Final thoughts:
Since making this game is not my actual job (sadly) ... Dev time is important, so those steps and upgrades should minimize the time I waste waiting for stuff to save,bake,build,compile,import,test etc. and thus speeding up the workflow.

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