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Plands for the next version. I deleted it accidentaly so here we go again :P

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Ok, so in this version I want to add conflicts for asia, at least:
- Japanese Civil War: Due to war with the Soviet Union America didn't have time deal with them and after droping atomic bombs they were satisfied with conditional surrender (Japan didn't surrender unconditionaly because Soviets didn't invade Manchuria), taking all islands around Japan (including Hokkaido), and leaving three main Japanese islands to armies rule, and the army goes on purging rampage blaming the IJN for the defeat. America keeps all the islands around as military bases and embargo Japan for it's moraly doubious... purges, So the Berlin parade event that fires at the beggining of the game will trigger event for a US about secret meeting of Regan and Prince Mikasa, that is planning to create resistence against the army, America may (likely) decide to help him and this will eventualy trigger the revolt - Hirohito fed up with what army has done tries to protest and is in turn house arrestedn, but that sparks revolt composed of remaining Navy officers, parto of the army loyal to the Emperor, moderates and socialists. If they win they can choose various government forms for Japan and negotiate return of some islands, If they loose Hirohito commits suicied and Japan becomes this timelines North Korea and America May Establish Republic of Japan on Hokkaido

- Sino-American Split: Since the intervention in Chinese Civil War as part of the plan to invade USSR from the east and open another front, USA kept a lot of military bases along the shore and on isalnds like Taiwan, and they want to still keep them to project their power on the region and effectively embargo Japan, long story short - China doesn't like it and demands their teritory back, America not trusting the Chinese (since they once worked with the Germans) and wanting to controll their trade is reluctant to do so. KMT may decide to size bases on the mainland but this may lead to repercussions and the US embargo (yes on once another country :P) and push China toward German sphere of influence.
Another (and bigger) issue is Independence of Manchuria, that is currently American protectorate, I heven't decided yet on how to carry out this conflict, so suggestions are welcome, but I know that I want to make Manchuria, if independent, an Asian Tiger!

+ Maybe some more flavour for major countries, I have especially in mind event for British elections - Churchill was holding elections for the whole year after the war counting on the US to attack Germany togeather but Americans... well, don't want that and he is eventually forced to hold eclections where you have following options:
- Labour party wins (50% - Libertarian Socialism, Constitutional Monarchy)
- Mosley and his reactivated union of fascists win (30% [a bit high but will make things more spicy] - Fascism, Autocratic Monarchy)
- Churchill is reelected (10% - Social Conservatism, Constitutional Monarchy)
- Military (Montgomery?) - steps in to prevent Mosley from taking power (10% - Authoritarianism, Sectarian Regime)

And I will of course fix any issues with current content that I'm able to find


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