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Discussing some epic plans for future things and stuff.

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It is time to discuss stuff now that Act 3 is finally complete.

There will be some updates to Act III in the future, and its probably gonna be a pretty significant one at that, it will mainly focus on the second half of the mod, especially the fortress areas, which I feel are lacking in terms of anything interesting actually happening there, because it is quite possible that i may have ever so slightly rushed this a bit in order to get it out before Rebirth.

And, while I was on the toilet, another brilliant idea popped into my mind, the game over meme whenever you die to bosses, is after all incredibly gay, and a big reason many headaches since the dawn of time, so I might as well finally get rid of that and replace it with another mechanic. If you die to a boss, it will decrease the amount of items you will be able to get later on the mod, it wont be too severe of a penalty, otherwise you would have no oil throughout 70% of the entire mod, so it will mostly be a few items only. I was also thinking of giving Phiros a few new attacks the more bones you break off him, I wonder if thats a good idea, but ive gone too far to turn back now.

Nights of Anorland: Fullconversion

I am currently also planning to create a Fullconversion version of Nights of Anorland, combining all of the acts in one big package, a grand total of like over 70 maps in one, what are the chances of you more or less playing the entire series all over again in a significantly improved form, who knows, and even more abstract is the time when I will actually release said Fullconversion Version, depends on my motivation, but considering I cant even do a finnish translation for Blackwater's Blasphemy, its looking hopeful so far (no).

But, I mentioned 'significantly improved form', and that of course implies BIG CHUNGUS, or just simply put, big changes (not sure if writing articles at 6 AM while being tired is a good idea).

Some changes that I have planned include:

  • Entirely remade Act I for the most part, majority of the maps are gonna be redone, few maps will possibly remain the same, but with changes throughout the board anyway.
  • Act II will also get heavy improvements, less lever and valve puzzles, they were so repetitive you probably lost a few brain cells doing them.
  • Expanded lore

Thats more or less the main things that will happen in the fullconversion, bosses may get some improvements too in their attacks, Valverde was a bit rough in his attack areas, and The Guardian was... interesting...

New Custom Stories?

Surely its not gonna be Anorland Forever right? Mostly right, I do have ideas for some completely new custom stories that will be based on the modern age, during the cold war period effectively. Another big question, HPL2 or HPL3.5 because I am at this point not too sure, I intended to make it for Rebirth, but seeing how rebirth is kinda shi- *cough* a unique experience of its own, I will have to see if the modding community for rebirth will be significant in any real way, I dont necessarily want to make mods for an entirely dead fish, and if that turns out to be the case, its probably better to keep making mods for good old HPL2.

That is all for now, if you have questions, comment them below.


Sounds good, good luck with the plans!

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