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Plans and Thoughts for the Future, with a TODO list of things that are planned.

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I want to share a TODO list of things that are planned, so let’s get started:

Mod Page:

  • Make a proper logo / image for the Mod and not a Screenshot of the Main Menu.
  • Do more Videos to show off what the Mod offers, like to introduce all the playable factions.


  • “ra” factions (Allied & Soviets) are still missing Units such as “Chrono Tank”, “MAD Tank” & “Radar Jammer”, up until now I was just too lazy to add them.
  • Add all Husks for “ra” units that are missing, again I was too lazy.
  • Have a closer look at all the configs, I think there are still some things missing I did not update since the release of openra version 20180923 such as “Locomotor” traits on “ra” units.
  • Improving unit descriptions and checking for spelling errors, I’m certain there are a few.
  • Improve AI for all new/cameo factions Alpha, Terran & SimCity.
    My Plan is to remove the different building options Alpha and Terran have when played by bots to ensure they play as balanced as a Vanilla GDI or Nod.
    For SimCity this is especially hard, the AI should be able to send allies Upgrade Units and Money Trucks.
    For all the above mentioned things I need to learn LUA to program the things, which is no easy task as I have no previous knowledge of scripting/programing what so ever.

Other Content:

  • Making a Map Pack, I think especially some simple “Left VS Right” and “Top vs Bottom” maps are what the Mod needs to have some relaxed Comp Stomp games.

These are the things I want to do for the upcoming v0.4 , I don’t know yet if I will include all the TODOs.

The most difficult thing by far is the AI improvement, as mentioned this is especially hard for the SimCity faction.

So in conclusion v0.4 won’t feature a new playable faction but will be mainly polishing.

Polishing that is necessary since I always kind of rushed my release in fear I won’t have any more time to complete what I wanted to do and I will never release any version and my already made content will be created for nothing.

Since there will be no new playable faction in v0.4 but only polishing I wanted to add a Map Pack to at least offer some new content you all can look forward to :)


for future versions after 0.4 I would love to again add new playable factions such as StarCraft “Zerg” & “Protoss” and any crazy game cameos that come into my mind.

One last thing I would like to add is the feature to be able to play all available “ra” maps in addition to the “cnc” maps, we will see if and when I’ am able to do that in the future :)

As long as I ‘am motivated, get some downloads and nice comments (which are a huge motivation to me) I will continue to work on the mod and add new things.

gl & hf


Great plans!!

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