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Some sugeestions has led me to make some changes to the game. These are my planned changes for the next public alpha build.

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I have had several suggestions to change the way you choose obstacles and hazards/powerups in the player editor. It was suggested I make menus for them so people can see many choices at one time. I already started working on that change and you can see an example in the picture provided. Along with that here there are some other things I plan on having ready for the next build.

- some bug fixes

- 3 new passive powerups. An active powerup is any powerup you press the run button to use. A passive is always "on". The player will be able to hold one active and one passive powerup at the same time.

- Heart(passive) - protects the player from one hit

- Super Rocket Fuel(passive) - makes your rocket shoes more powerful, moving you 50% faster when the shoes are activated.

- Slow Mo Timer(passive) - makes all hazards on the screen move 50% slower for a certain amount of time

- Powerup display - the powerups you currently have will be displayed on the top of the screen

- 30 new tree obstacles

- 3 new levels that will use all the obstacles so far. That is a total of 60 obstacles!

Please leave your thoughts on the current state of the game in the comments or send me a message. Thank you.

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