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Planet Protor is the third world in Sky Tourist, a futuristic world for you to explore!

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Welcome to planet Protor! Here you will find many accommodations for your futuristic needs! Although these do not apply to you because unfortunately, you are not a local.

On planet Protor, things are a bit more clean than everywhere else you've been. Perhaps a little too clean. So clean, that they are treating you like dirt and are attempting to sweep you up like dirt!

Try not to take too much offense to the customs on this planet as they prefer to be well protected from outsiders. Their slew of laser traps, contraptions and diligent police force can attest to this fact. The law will chase you about on this planet, so you must be quick to get to where you are going, otherwise its off to the big house for you!

In Sky Tourist, Planet Protor offers a great challenge for those who have reached the end of the game. Many time based traps that will put your dexterity to the test!

We hope you enjoyed our preview videos to date and we will be sure to notify everyone when we have an affirmed release date! We thank everyone that has send us encouraging words so far as well!

Thank you,
-Three Legged Egg


Love this!

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