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Opening for the game planeshift requesting help and preview of story

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Planeshift is an open world FPS/TPS game where you are a Human young adult that has the rare abiliy to Planeshift creating a hole in the planes and jumping through it. different creatures live on the and the laws of physics change and are complex to comprehend. The creatures have begun to become touched meaning they have become violent and blood thirsty and you must travel through all 7 wordly planes along with the 13 planes of the Asylum. This has a unique system of combat with NO physical weapons you can only use your aura. You can manipulate it into powerful attacks. You are no ordinary human...

I am welcoming anyone who offers assistance if they can program with Unreal Engine or design 3D models of items,people,or creatures.

This curse will be the death of me. Seeing these creatures they are just there I can't stop it. It won't stop and these things have become more violent. Though this person, a girl, has taught me about how to protect myself, how to use the power of the shades. I have started to grow wings from the 7th plane and it has started to echo backwards through it stops at the second... interesting.

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