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Post news RSS pixel loot raiders - devlog 02 - Random Dungeons

Added Random generated Dungeons, Climbable Vines, Better Items saving, Dungeon exits, Texture ID system and much more. Just view it to see more changes :D

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Development Update 02:

Its time for a new weekly devlog :D

- Added Basic Random Dungeon System
+ System also uses seeds to save Disk Space
+ Random placed vines
+ Added and implemented Climbable Objects
+ The Dungeon is completely random generated and will be accessable through dungeon entrances that will generate in the overworld
+ Random placed Treasures (Locked and Unlocked Treasures)
+ Added Dungeon Exit
Planned : Random Item Spawning
Planned : Random Monster Spawning

pixel loot raiders - Random Dungeon Progress 02

pixel loot raiders - Random Dungeon Progress 03

+ Implemented new GUI Features for example you can now take on item, put it on another and both items change ther slots
+ Better and 3 Times Quicker item Saving
+ Added Item Texture Id set system. Now i can add items really quick without writing much more code.
+ Added item holding system : Items in Slot A (lower left corner of the screen) will now Show in the Players hand.

pixel loot raiders - Inventory Progress 02

+ Added Bomb item Texture
+ Added Max Health GUI [Black hearts behind the red hearts]
Planned : Color Saving

- General Additions:
+ Added Item ID system => I can now easyly add functions to every item
+ Added Heart Item (Adds 10 Healthpoints to the Player[1 Heart])
+ Added HeartContainer System (if you lose live you will see how much your Max health is)
+ Added Respawning system
+ Added Lava (If you fall into it you will rapildy lose health and if you die you will respawn)
+ Added Lava effect
+ Added Oxygen GUI which shows when you are in water[currently does nothing ;D]
+ Implemented Simple FPS Counter
+ Added dying system (currently you lose no stuff when dying
[i am not sure if you will lose your stuff when you die])

- Last Minute Fixes:
+ Fixed camera bug

- Todo List for next week:
+ Make GUI System able to save sword Colors and Potion Colors(nearly done)
+ Fix Tree unloading Bug which decreases FPS by arround 25percent (-_-)
+ Make Items able to be picked up (nearly done)

- Todo List for next month:
+ Better Island generation and More Biomes
+ Random Generated Loot
+ Better dungeons (i allready like them yet but i think they can be better :D)
+ Basic Enemys

And i did all of this in my spare time :D

Great Job so far !
It may looks a little to much like Minecraft ...

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ChrispGames Author

Yes it looks a bit like minecraft but in minecraft the world is generated with blocks. In my game the world is generated out of columns. And the Dungeons also have a different generation system. And enemys will be 2D Sprites that will always look to the player, which is totally different to minecraft (which uses simple 3d models)

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Sounds pretty cool. !
So it uses Raycasting ?

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ChrispGames Author

As i allready said the overworld is generated using columns and the Dungeons are simply 3Dimensional Premade Rooms that have Random Texures (Every Type of Dungeon will have its own Textures and Random Generated Name) and filled with Random Objects like Vines,Traps,Chests,Loot,Enemy Spawns Etc.

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Looks very interesting. I will definitely be tracking.

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ChrispGames Author


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Looks cool, can't wait for a download! Also just because a game is using the pixelated format like Minecraft doesn't make it a clone!

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ChrispGames Author

Thanks :D
By the way :The game has nothing to do with building blocks, so it is no minecraft clone.

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