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Welcome to the October build of Pioneer! :) For this month upgrades to thrusters, bigger hyper-drives and a whole host of improvements by the Pioneer Dev Team. So please check out the change log below. Have fun out there folks! o/

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For October 2016. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Added military drives from 5 to 9 (#3830)
    • Thruster upgrades (#3831)
    • Calculate selling price including equipment (#3835)
    • Remove autorefuel (#3837)
    • Rename scanner -> radar; radar mapper -> target scanner (#3825)
  • Fixes

    • Search&Rescue: set ship look and bugfix (#3823)
    • Fixing the scaled down collision mesh of New Ground station (#3833)
    • Updating the Bluenose Medium LOD with the correct mesh (#3845)
    • Avoid crash if player jumps to next system (#3848)
  • Internal Changes

    • Add "override" to silence warnings in clang (#3828)
    • Update the .gitignore file for more vs2015 files outputs (#3829)
    • Fix ARFLAGS to remove warning (#3827)
    • Attempt to find the nearest matching exact name (#3832)
    • Terrain gen cleanup (#3834)
    • Introduce imgui library, make load screen use it (#3826)
    • Simple reduction in memory usage (#3838)
    • Put imgui.ini into user config dir (#3843)
    • Arm asm fix (#3847)
    • Don't try to instance zero entries (#3849) * Update attrib binding locations (#3850)
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