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Hi Folks! It's that time again, another monthly update for Pioneer from it's every busy dev team. More tweaks and fixes for this month, details below in the change log. Fly safe out there o/

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For November 2016. Full changelog.

  • Fixes

    • Set delta-t to 1/60 if it is <= 0 (#3854)
    • fix pattern selection if no pattern present (#3855)
    • Lobby: Disconnect the property listeners when the docked station changes (#3857)
    • Docking message should not mention auto refuel (#3863)
    • Player shouldn't sell fuel they don't have (#3864)
    • Render the navlights for orbital stations (#3874)
    • Jitter fix (#3872)
    • fix navbutton crash without target (#3865)
    • Fix orphaned connections in WorldView (#3876)
    • Disable the modelcompiler multithreading (#3879)
    • Fix undefined renderer bug in SGM LOD loader (#3880)
  • Internal Changes

    • Freebsd patches (#3851)
    • Enhance serializer crash output (#3853)
    • Custom system checking (#3856)
    • Sprinkle SpaceStation with asserts to find naughty bug (#3861)
    • isnan is std, MXE build complained (#3867)
    • Add GL_CFLAGS value to AM_CFLAGS (#3870)
    • Remove GL buffer init fills, add init checks (#3877)
    • Optimisation: Reserve VA capacity correctly for Gui::TextLayout (#3878)

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