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Welcome to the "May 2016" build of Pioneer. Yet more Code improvements are in store for this moth so lease check out the change log below :)

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Hi Folks!

Welcome to the "May 2016" build of Pioneer. More code improvements by the wonderful dev team this month as the game steadily improves. My thanks to them for all their hard work in making Pioneer one of the best free space sims around.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings here is the change log for this month, have fun with it folks! :)

For May 2016. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Sfx ini configuration file (#3697)
  • Fixes

    • Textures can be anonymous (#3693)
    • Fix ship systeminfo crash (#3699)
    • Make Autopilot purchasable from everywhere (#3701)
    • Fix CTD for missile target hyperjumps (#3704)
    • Fix CTD caused by S&R after-mission states (#3648)
    • Fix crash when player explodes in-dock (#3710)
    • Clean up the police tables on ship destruction (#3709)
  • Internal Changes

    • Landing resets time compression (#3696)
    • Rework SFX rendering to fix giant sprites (#3695)
    • Internal renderer cleanup (#3702)
    • Small filename consistency fix (#3707)
    • Change the Lua AIKill command to check how legit is its target (#3708)
    • Optimise Eclipse Calculations (#3711)
  • MAC OSX & Linux 32 &64 Bits also available from Pioneer's own site at: Pioneerspacesim.net

See you al next month folks and fly safe out there! o/

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