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Hi Folks! o/ Welcome to the "June" 2016 Build of Pioneer. As always the tireless Pioneer dev team continue to improve the game's features month on month and for this build more fixes and code changes to further enhance the gameplay. Have fun out there! :)

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For June 2016. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Improve distance format, by introducing ly and Mm (#3745)
    • GPU jobs for generating gas giant textures (#3719)
    • Add some flare for black market, through flavoured slogans (#3744)
    • Passenger warns when jumping to wrong system with right name (#3746)
  • Fixes

    • Prevent the galaxy map from crashing if in hyperspace (#3714)
    • Eclipse r600 (#3721)
  • Internal Changes

    • Enable using dedicated nVidia GPUs in Windows laptops with Optimus (#3715)
    • Minor Noise library improvements (#3716)
    • Add AMD Power Xpress performance flag keyword and value (#3717)
    • Add EXTRA_CXXFLAGS to CXXFLAGS for assimp's version check (#3718)
    • Keep cargo if buying a new ship (#3725)
    • Disable Continue button if no saved game to load (#3731)
    • Don't hard code strings we already have in translation system (#3728)
    • Make trade analyzer removable again. Undo #3474, close #3742 (#3743)
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