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Hi there Pioneer fans! Welcome to the July update. For this month lots of optimizations have been carried out along with some new equipment and general code cleanups and improvements. Fly safe out there folks! ;)

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For July 2015. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Add first initial support for Arab fonts (#3416)
    • New (smaller) space station added (#3414)
    • Allow custom stations to have realistic orbit heights (#3410)
    • New SensorType API and BodyScanner equipment (#3287, #3396)
  • Fixes

    • Proposed fix for the MINGW32 issue #3409 (#3418)
    • Fixed color of labels starting with empty strings (#3425)
  • Internal Changes

    • Numerous optimisations (#3419)
    • Remove output spamming messages (#3421)
    • Sort terrain gen (#3420)
    • Inactivate BodyScanner equipment testing code (#3422)
    • Drawing optimisations (#3424)
    • Render far away (#3428)
    • Modelviewer refactor (#3429)
    • Cleanup build warnings (#3433)
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