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Welcome folks to the February edition of Pioneer. Lots of more tweaks & fixes for this month including cool new ground based starports! Have a look at the change log below for this month and safe flying out there. :)

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For February 2014. Full changelog.

  • New features

    • New "Octagon" ground station (#2704)
    • Now any star in a multiple system can be the hyperjump target (#2712)
    • Rewrote console on the new UI (#2726)
    • Characters have reputation, which is required by missions (#2675)
    • New (rare) "News" event for commodities on the BBS (#2753)
  • Minor changes and tweaks
    • Added landing tag points to all ships (#2703)
    • Draw sectorview stars with sphere imposters (#2713)
    • New UI now available as an overlay in all views (#2716)
    • Quicksave can now be loaded directly from main menu
    • Paste support for text entry widgets (ie console)
    • Improve skybox, restore star rendering (#2736)
    • New wheels up/down icon (#2754)
    • The `console.lua` script is now run at each game start (#2746)
    • Config values can be overidden on the command line
    • Use tables instead of grids for layout
    • Donating money or not paying wages affects reputation (#2786)
  • Script and UI API changes
    • Model.SetDebugFlags for adding debug effects to model drawing
    • ModelSpinner.model to get the spinner model
    • UI.Image:SetHeightLines to help set image height against text
    • hasprop method to see if the named property exists (#2734)
    • Ship:InitiateHyperjumpTo to jump regardless of range or fuel (#2747)
    • UI.Table.SetColumnAlignment, various ways to position table columns (#2778)
    • UI.Table.ScrollToTop and ScrollToBottom, basic scroll control
    • Empty grid cells now expand to the available size to assist with layout
  • Model changes
    • Removed two_sided material property, it didn't handle lighting correctly (#2697)
  • Fixes
    • Complain about custom systems with wrong number of stars (#2718,#2720)
    • Fixing thruster tags (#2721)
    • Fix run-away terrain threads when ending the game (#2707,#2722)
    • Fix Lua error from TradeShips when colliding and hyperjumping (#2701,#2731)
    • Reset mouse grab state on game exit (#2739)
    • Fix a potent bug when destroying copies of invalid LuaRefs (#2745)
    • Fix English in Taxi missions (#2752)
    • Fix various glitches and an assertion in system info view (#2741,#2743,#2755)
    • Fix that rotation state of bodies was not saved/loaded properly (#2733,#2738)
    • Fix pattern for Xylophis (#2723,#2759)
    • Render to texture Skybox alpha fix (#2763)
    • Remove Lua timers at game exit (#1962)
    • Properly set terrain detail settings (#2770)
    • Always relayout tables and single containers after content change
  • Internal changes
    • Moved model debug effects (wireframe, collision mesh) out of ModelViewer and onto Model, and exposed via SetDebugFlags
    • Handle blend/depth/cull render states as stateset objects (#2697)
    • Removed redundant shader cleanup (#2708)
    • Split camera state into a separate class (#2714)
    • Sector and star system cache improvements (#2706)
    • Generation of explored flag moved from StarSystem to Sector (#2744)
    • New Vertex buffer class (#2762)
    • Code cleanup in StarSystem and SystemBody (#2777,#2788)
    • Removed Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 support (#2772)
    • IterationProxy for save access to embedded containers (#2783)
    • Automatically manage the cancellation of jobs with RAII (#2758)
    • Added a Profile Config to VS2013 (#2785)

    Also two more things. Calling MAC owners! OSX builds are down for
    this month on Pioneer's own site. Can you help? The devs are looking for
    someone who can provide MAC builds of Pioneer, here is what Robn, one
    of Pioneer's devs had to say, "They can come back if and when someone
    can produce a working set of steps to build and bundle the game from scratch - something that I can turn into a build script. If anyone reading this feels up to the challenge it would be a huge help."

If you can help, have a look here: Pioneerspacesim.net finally, a new edition of Pioneer Scout is out (G15), do check that out also at Spacesimcentral.com

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