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Hi Folks! Here is the "April" build of Pioneer. Actually it has a little of "May" in it too. Have fun with it! :)

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Here is the change log for this month.

May 2016

* Fixes *

Textures can be anonymous

April 2016

* New Features *

First commit of the Bluenose freighter

* Change to GetPosition and GetVelocity LuaShip functions

* Back port some of Marcels hometowns mod

* Fixes

* Fix ModelViewer crash

* Fix editing the gas giants in ObjectViewer editor mode

* Legal custom cargo

* Internal Changes

* NavLight Billboard Gathering

* Change DrawPointSprites to really use Point Sprites

* Lua debug tools, part one

* Updated Xcode project to fix "missing vtable" error

* Saving changes

* SpawnShipNear velocity matching

* Pre-convert to DDS more textures

* Fire once warnings

* Texture code tidy

I also have news regarding Pioneer Scout Plus. Walterar has just finished his latest build, G27f. Have a look here for more details: Spacesimcentral.com

See you all again next month. Have fun out there! ;)

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