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Here is this months Windows build of Pioneer, Alpha 29. It's a cracker!

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The Pioneer development team is pleased to announce the release of Pioneer Alpha 29. This month we have a rewrite of the infoview, including per-mission screens and player name/face customisations. Also we have over a hundred new factions with varying government types, and sector map updates to view them. Full changelog and builds for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (32 & 64-bit) are available from the download page.

New features

  • InfoView (F3) rewrite. Now has player name/face customisation and per-mission info screens (#1633, #1785)
  • Economical autopilot. Trades fuel for time (#1582)
  • Your ship's automatic rotation damping can now be turned off (#1570, #1156)
  • Almost 100 new factions with varying government types (#1621, #1620, #1675, #1761, #1771)
  • Zoom out the sector view to see a faction map (#1754, #1764, #1761, #1796, #1784)
  • modelviewer can now dump models to Wavefront-format files (#1763)

Minor changes and tweaks

  • Cargo scooping now only requires a collision against the ship rather than a specific part of it (#1674)
  • Refueling now handled by Lua script (#1649)
  • Fixed navigation lights on Courier, Trader, Meteor, Natrix (#1710, #1711)
  • Added transparent backgrounds to planet icons to avoid some visual glitches (#1572)
  • Don't clear hyperspace target when the current system is selected in the Sector View (#1662)
  • Improved scanner draw performance


  • Workaround shader glitches for planets with zero temperature (#1712)
  • Pioneer should not be marked as "Not Responding" on startup in Windows (MSVC builds only) (#1743)
  • Fixed flight log crash after visiting 1000 stations
  • Barnard's Star is now a member of the Federation (#1620)
  • Reduce use of random number generator in sector generation. Fixes
    super giant distribution and makes it go a little faster (#1765)

Script changes

  • Custom Systems: Faction allegiance can now be set for custom systems (#1621)
  • Factions: More than one government type with weighting can now be specified for a Faction (#1621)
  • Factions: A radius attribute is available on the Faction object (#1660)
  • debug.deprecated function to warn when a deprecated function is used (#1718)

UI changes

  • Gradient container to provide a linear gradient background (#1682)
  • Expand container to force a widget to fill available space (#1685)
  • SmallButton widget (#1722)
  • Icon widget (#1737)
  • TabGroup controller
  • Label exposes SetText to Lua (#1690)
  • Box containers no longer take expand/fill flags (#1665)
  • Margin can now apply a margin to a single side or direction (#1747)
  • Grid can now have nil entries and has a ClearCell method (#1723, #1738)
  • Functions taking a widget can now take a table with a 'widget' field (#1723, #1738)
  • Widget.SetFontSize has been replaced with SetFont to select both type (normal
  • or heading) and size (#1684)
  • UI constructors for 'Single' widgets take an optional final argument specifying the inner widget (#1723, #1738)
  • MouseMove event also receives relative mouse travel (#1767)
  • Improved UI sliders/scrollbars (#1720)
  • UI elements can now be disabled (#1749, #1721)
  • More flexible UI widget size control (#1746)

Internal changes

  • Wrapper to allow new UI to provide views for the old GUI system (#1691, #1755, #1756, #1759)
  • Fix the LuaObject the Check/GetFromLua, which were swapped round (#1730)
  • Models moved to data/lmrmodels to make space for new model system (#1762)
  • Code cleanup in StarSystem (making several members private) (#1773)
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