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Here is the run down on the features for this months release. Also, you might want to use 7zip to de-archive the Alpha once you have it. Here is a link 7-zip.org

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Here is the announcement post from the Pioneer dev team, have fun!

"The Pioneer development team are pleased to announce the release of
Pioneer Alpha 26. This month sees the addition of two popular features
of the original Frontier, the Imperial capital Achernar and the Imperial
Trader, as well as various graphical and internal tweaks. Full
changelog and builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (32 & 64-bit) are available from the download page

Alpha 26 is dedicated to the memory of Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

New features

  • Achernar (4,-9,-16) is now a fully custom system (#1452)
  • New Imperial Trader (a variant of the Imperial Courier) (#1069, #1496)

Minor changes and tweaks

  • Updated station splash advert (#1429)
  • Updated the Imperial Courier model (#1069)
  • Updated the "pilot" and "squadsign" sub-models (#1069)
  • Updated surface stations (#983)
  • Made month names translatable (#1490)


  • Fix atmospheric pressure calculations (#1431, #1395)
  • Fix lighting glitches in systems with multiple stars (#1430, #1411)
  • Fix flipped EYE ship texture (#1436)
  • Fix Caribou laser position (#1435)
  • Fix broken planet ring textures on Intel GMA 900 chips (#1442, #1439)
  • Fix Lua console tab completion for some oddly constructed tables (#1447)
  • Fix Lua console tab completion for tables with numeric indices (#1461, #1462)
  • Fix ambient light state leak from intro/tombstone (#1472, #1445)
  • Fix blank UI after game load failure (#1481, #1479)
  • Draw the city before its starport to avoid a glaring graphical bug (#1487)
  • Fix Lua stack leak in console completion (#1492)

Script changes

  • Ships now identified by the filename the ship is defined in (#1444, #1474, #1491)
  • New Event system allowing Lua scripts to broadcast their own events. EventQueue is deprecated, for removal in alpha 27 (#1441)
  • New
    FileSystem module so scripts can list data files (including files from
    mods) and files in the game's configuration directory (#1350, #1483)

Internal changes

  • Show frame time in the stats overlay (#1437)
  • Update COUNTOF macro to fix avoid warnings when compiling with compiling with optimisations on GCC (#1451, #1450)
  • Force most icons to scale to their bounds regardless of their initial size. Allows hi-res icons (#1448, #1470)
  • Reimplemented Lua read-only tables (#1460)
  • Move the global Lua context so it can be used from modelviewer (#1473)
  • Rewritten material and shader infrastructure (#1432)
  • Many minor optimisations identified by PVS-Studio (#1480, #1399)
  • Fix a warning when building with clang (#1488)"
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