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Pioneer Alpha 22 features, fixes, code clean ups. Pioneer is a open source space adventure game in alpha development with a passing resemblance to Frontier Elite II. If you loved that old game, there is a good chance your gonna like this too!

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Hi Folks!

This is a repeat of what I put on my blog.

Thought I would update this page since its been a while, with news of Pioneer's Alpha 22 release.

Here is a run down taken directly from the dev thread at Space Sim Central

"New features

  • Support

    for attaching .zip files to the data directory. Allows users to add mods

    to the game by putting a single file in /mods (#1214)

  • New 'Meteor' ship (#1219, #1239)

Minor changes and tweaks

  • Removed 'Walrus' ship (#1219)
  • Updated 'Wave' ship textures (#1239, #1231)
  • Increase probability of mining populations near Sol (#1236)
  • Add possibility of starports/cities being generated on asteroids (#1236)
  • Give mined cargo a velocity away from the asteroid so they float out into space (#1236)
  • Changed hyperspace entry point calculation to consider star radius and position (#1207)


  • Fixed crash when near planets with fuel scoop attached (#1200, #1201)
  • Fixed timer setup for trade ships after game load (#1205, #1204)
  • Fixed mission modules remembering nearby systems across game restarts (#1212, #1211)
  • Fixed bug where .obj model loader would create a new draw operation for every triangle/quad (#1223)
  • Fixed system metallicity in multiple-star systems (#1236, #1222)
  • Fixed planet metallicity calculation based on star type (#1236)
  • Fixed crash when crosshair-targetting an object that no longer exists (#1232, #1210)
  • Fixed crash when mission display is opened with lots of missions (#1233, #1196)
  • Don't take timesteps for dead ships. Stops the player firing during the death screen (regression) (#1243, #1103, #1056)
  • Fix crash when objectviewer activated with no target set (#1248)

Script and model changes

  • LMR "lathe" function radius and up vector now interpreted the same as "cylinder" etc (#1185, #1037)
  • Added support for emission (glow) maps in .obj files (#1223)

Internal changes

  • Better support for file enumeration across multiple directories (#1182)
  • Model cache CRC32 calculation now includes files under data/sub_models (#1182, #1181)
  • Restructured text and font classes; decoupled font classes from font config files (#1165)"

As you can see, along with many code clean ups and other tweaks,
there is now a "mods" folder incorporated into the game, so if you fancy
adding missions, ships, whole systems or anything else you can dream
up, this is where it will go.There are also nightly builds available
which is were new features will be tried out first before the freeze for
the next Alpha build. Have a look at this thread on the SSC if you want
to try them out Spacesimcentral.com

Alpha 22 is available now from the usual download link here Pioneerspacesim.net
When I get the chance, I will update this with some screen shots as things have moved on graphically since the early builds.

Edit: I have also included some screen shots showing some P66 models. These models are not actually (at present) in the official Alpha releases, however there are links in some of the images to where you can get them. ;)

Have fun out there people!

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