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About the motivation to make our first indie game - Pigsodus. On what we loved in 90's games and why the main character of Pigsodus is a pig.

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Hi there! My name is Peter. Together with my wife Sawa, we started our tiny indie game studio. I handle coding and marketing. She does the graphics. Our dog Balthazar writes the story with his cute, little paws (he wrote the Jesus quote himself as well – I swear).

Psylocibe Games studio founders

We are gamers at heart. We have played a lot of video games. We’ve spent weeks in the basement with no contact with outside world. We love old games. They have two qualities that are very hard to replicate today.

The resources of the machines than were limited, and video game creators had to work around it. This impacted both the code (really smart optimization tricks) and gameplay (pixel art).

Stories were bold. Original. Unaffected by marketing research. Not dumbed down to the lowest mental denominator. There was no “quest arrow”. Take Monkey Island, Albion (which inspired Avatar),Ultima series, early Might and Magic.

Play those games, you’ll know what I am talking about.

We long for these qualities in games.

That’s why we’ve decided to create our own title. We had no idea what game we were going to make until we saw a video of a pig escaping a slaughterhouse truck (graphic video, you have been warned).

Thus Pigsodus nad Psylocibe Games studio (yep, we like magic mushrooms very much) were born.

Thanks for reading, keep coming back, next week we’ll unravel some key features of our game.

Here’s Horace Oinkstein invading Alien movie set just for you:

Alien movie funny pig image

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