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Public Test Build 0.05A Releases today after long delays and likely still contains some unstable bugs, but I believed I have sorted out most of the major crash issues. I wanted to release this before tuesdays launch of CKIII which will see me take some time away from the project to enjoy the next iteration of the Crusader Kings series and contemplate porting my work over to the new title. Hope you enjoy a bit of my WIP content :)

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Hey all,

I hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. Again, I regret that my progress has been so slow this last year, finishing school and moving yet again while dealing with COVID-related restrictions and other issues have led to less progress than I had hoped to make on the project.

I’ve provided a brief summary of the major features or work that I made notes of in the past few months, there are many smaller fixes and additions which I can’t think of currently but I’m sure some of you might notice.

The majority of the government overhauls (especially the tribal governments being OP) are not included in this build and are still unstable and wonky. That being the case I have reduced the base levy numbers for tribal holdings and this currently reduces their ridiculuos ability to stomp any opponent into oblivion.

I especially want to thank tsf4 (Discord name) again for his earlier assistance in bugfixing and feedback.

The mod has been developed and tested with ALL of the major DLC and the latest patches. It was an early design choice and has been adhered to throughout development, my apologies to those who prefer being able to play without major DLC. It might run while missing certain DLCs, I can’t say as I haven’t tested this functionality. (Cosmetic/Unit pack DLC being present or not shouldn’t cause any issues) The mod will not work on earlier versions of the game or versions of the game without all major DLC/Expansions.


DISCORD Link: Discord.gg

Public Alpha Download Link: Moddb.com

Current Internal Build is running on CKII 3.3.3 (SOHY)

I have maintained a record of my permissions for asset use from the paradox forums, PM's, and steam conversations, if there are any discrepancies or issues, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly, if I have overlooked a contribution or forget to list it here please let me know so I can rectify that asap.


Please head over to the Files section here on Moddb to download the Public 0.05A Alpha Build!

Contributions and Thanks:

This Project should be understood to be the combined work of many different contributors from many different CKII, EUIV, and total war mod teams.

I myself cannot draw almost at all, so a huge amount if not all of, the art assets come from a variety of sources and generous contributors.

The UI work has been inspired and modeled after the amazing work of Arko's UI overhaul and also the 'Marble look' of Imperator Rome.

I have been inspired by many different script/event mods and designed certain elements of the gameplay after them, some code has been integrated where possible when permitted by the original coder/creator.

All of the music and sounds come from a variety of sources, I didn't create any of them and they are mostly used for ambiance and immersion in this recreational project.

Credits & Contributors:

Thanks especially to Galle (Paradox Forums) for a ton of advice and his amazing assistance in the modding process.

Thanks to UMCenturion and Causeless of the Ancient Empires Total War mod for their UI asset usage; the majority of the ingame UI design is developed from his work.

Special thanks to Witcher (Paradox Forums) for historical advice and guidance. Thanks to Kryo (steam) for the integration of his transparent map mod +borders and his amazing embossed font mod.

-Thanks to Rickinator9 and the Diadochi mod team for shared asset usage and feedback (AnaxXiphos for Religious Icons, and .Hobbes for flags).

-Special Thanks to Super7700 from the Paradox Mod Forums for several of his amazing Hellenic-themed portrait clothing and helmets.

Thanks to tsf4 for his assistance in bugfixing, hunting down countless errors and issues and fixing many titles and landed_titles issues.

Thanks to AGOT mod team for the use of several art assets and code examples with integration of ambitions and traits.

Thanks to Illathid and the Geheimnisnacht mod team for several coding examples, general inspirations and hopefully more integration of several gameplay/ui assets in the future.

Thanks to the Magnate lords (apg?) for the concept and idea, I built my own WIP resource system using his as inspiration, also used a few gfx province pics (temporary placeholders as the system is still being integrated fully in the game -> will mostly be a reduced version of Magnate lords itself.

Thanks to Lord of Pain for his LTM Terrain and Map tweaks made to it to represent a different visual approach to the world map for the setting of Antiquity.


-Special thanks to In Heaven(steam) for his IN Heavens map graphical overhaul which I've integrated elements of, especially the water effect. -Special thanks to Korbah and the Elder Kings mod team for some asset usage.

Thanks to DaMonkey (Steam username) for potential usage of his “Send Courtier” mod.

Special Thanks to my playtesting mates and contributing Devs, and anyone else who may have slipped my mind at the moment.

Special thanks to DerGroseKA and other members of the Imperium Universalis mod for the usage of a few UI and flag artwork.

-Special thanks to Solo(steam) for his Patrum Scuta work

-Special thanks to Causeless & UMC Centurion for their UI work and other assets from the Ancient Empires total war mod.

-Special thanks to EthicallyChallenged of Deviantart, and many more for the loadingscreen art used, all of that work is the property of it's respective owners and I have simply used it to showcase Art set in Antiquity versus the regular CKII loading screens.

-Thanks to CPR+ for several Egyptian and Armenian portrait art assets.


Pharaohs & Consuls is still in an alpha state with many features still to be added as well as historical bookmarks which are still yet to come and often exist ingame in an early and WIP format, I hope you can enjoy the work I've completed so far, and if so, please let me know what you think!

Also please use the appropriate discord channel if you encounter any major issues or unlisted bugs:

DISCORD Link: Discord.gg

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