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Finished tasks, Currently in development, Upcoming updates

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Dear friends,

As we are getting close to finishing the lead character Peter Bennet we wanted to post an update on what's been done the last couple of weeks. If you missed our previous announcements, we are still working on an updated version of the demo which will introduce new mechanics to the player and will feature an overall better understanding of the game.

Finished tasks:

* UI functionality for Journal
* UI functionality for Inspection
* UI functionality for main menu
* UI functionality for game settings
* Character model for Peter Bennet

Currently in development:

* Peter Bennet Character: Basic in-game functions
* Peter Bennet animation cycles for in-game and cut-scenes
* New password generation on new game for all keypads and number-based puzzles
* Loading Screen re-design

Upcoming updates:

* Health regeneration system
* Cut scenes animation

A few things to expect from the new version of the demo are listed below:

* Peter Bennet character in first person
* More interactable content within the game
* Updated environments design
* New user interface designs
* Updated story elements
* Introduction to health regeneration system
* Introduction to saving system
* Animated Cutscenes

We can't wait to share with you more screenshots of Peter Bennet but we are still finishing a few parts so stay tuned and please spread the word. We are counting on you to make this game as great as it's already promising to be!

Redsoup team

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