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We have released the final 1.3 version of the mod.

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Persistent Kingdoms 1.3 Changelog


We're happy to present our latest and final version of PK - 1.3. Not a whole lot has been done in terms of new features but we fixed some pressing bugs, added some very cool new scene props, introduced a new game mode for RP focused servers and more. We hope you'll enjoy it and to see you on Bannerlord when we release our next mod.

Changelog 1.3:

  1. New game mode (Deathmatch) introduced that disables labels when you're close to another player
  2. New config option: limit_musician 0 # disable name labels 0=off, 1=on
  3. Replaced vielle_bow, noticeboard scene prop and flute
  4. Added Wooden Scene Props Pack 1.2 by Adorno
  5. Added Simple geometric props by Maroon
  6. Added BeefBacon's Terrain and Landscaping Pack
  7. Added 2 rotatable palisade gates
  8. Added feminized frames to armours
  9. Added new background for in-game logs (L)
  10. You can now shoot through the portcullis
  11. Updated loading screen
  12. Improved some log formats
  13. Fixed crown scene selling points
  14. Fixed cm_castle_f scene prop
  15. Fixed the bug with sitting on chairs
  16. Fixed some visual issues with the PK carts
  17. Fixed cm_village_blacksmith_e
  18. Fixed cm_mine_entranche
  19. Fixed snowy_pine_2 - All scenes with this type of trees will need to lower them via Z-axis
  20. Fixed some collisions
  21. Fixed banner scene props - They used to use Native flags instead of PW/PK ones
  22. Fixed the sitting animation for women
  23. Removed some sofk_type_ladder flags on certain stairs that caused slow movement

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