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Peripeteia Screenshot Saturday videos for August 27th and September 3rd.

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Enjoy a new update featuring Screenshot Saturday posts from Peripeteia.

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September 3rd: Belt Feed

We’ve sapped our video editing powers this week, preparing a trailer for Realms Deep 2022. Stay tuned on September 16 at 19:00 GMT: Twitch.tv

In the meantime, this screenshot saturday we have a little shitpost for you. Our new physics-based MG belt system and everyone’s favourite mouse being fed.

While working on the belt feed, I was listening to Sansu otoMADs and the silly idea came up to put Nyn’s face on the casings. It was just a joke for our discord, but we decided to post it as this week’s Screenshot Saturday post.
otoMAD in question: Youtube.com

August 27th: Reload Animation System

The belt is a continuation of a feature showed off the previous week: a unified reload animation system for our guns, with a higher level of fidelity (even if animations are WIP), staged reloads and easier implementation.

Featuring the track “you & me” from the amazing Lotchek:

Xamp - - 559 comments

Man, that bullet belt with physics tho...

the only other game I can think of that did something similar is H3VR and even then it's "fake" physics, unlike in the demo video.

Nice work, keep it up.

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