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Hello! This week i'll show you some visual concepts!

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Hello! It's been a while, but I have returned ^^

This week I'll show concepts for the BadBoy and talk about the though process behind it.


The badboy was the first character I started drawing, because I had a very clear image of him: his fashion is all in the details and his personality is very relaxed.

Started thumbnailing:

Screenshot 13Screenshot 11 1

Screenshot 12

A still very rough character sheet.

Screenshot 14

Here are a few hairstyles!

Short but messy on the left and Jungkook inspired on the right (from the Butter MV)

Screenshot 28Screenshot 29

Preppy on the left and tied up on the right.

Screenshot 31Screenshot 30

The final choice! I think long hair fits the character the most.

Screenshot 32

Drawing his front face I thought about giving him bangs because it would flatter him when he tied up his hair.

Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21

But ended up choosing not to, and just leave a few strands untied. These ended up being the hair design, one tied up one with loose hair. The eye shape and hair part is still prone to change in the future.

Screenshot 22Screenshot 23

Very rough visual tests:

Screenshot 16Screenshot 24 1Screenshot 26

Thank you for reading!

Till next week where I'll show the gameplay and more concepts!

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