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Release of a crash-prone Peppers, Please! 'build', along with changes to the previous two 'expansions', before the holidays.

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It's been quite a while since Peppers, Please 2... Peppers, Please! is otherwise finished but during testing it kept crashing, which makes it unsuitable for official release. However, I will unable to do any more development due to an upcoming holiday. To avoid too much of a delay, I have decided to give you what I have done so far - though obviously I can't expect someone to do the crash fix for me (however convenient it will be).


  • Peppers, Please
    • Changed Ezic Note to have front and back
  • Peppers, Please 2
    • The first few day lengths have been shortened to the default (apart from Day 1)
    • Removed scripted entrants from the original Papers, Please
    • Detainees on Day 8 now automatically leave the checkpoint (before it was only hardcoded for certain entrants)
    • Engineers no longer incessantly reappear on Day 4

(or at least what I can remember)

Here is the download, although I don't particularly recommend playing Peppers, Please! due to the aforementioned crashing issue, standard procedure of unzipping to the Papers, Please Beta directory and using the appropriate .bat file (PeppersPlease3.bat for Peppers, Please!): Mediafire.com

The thumbnail is based off Papers, Please - "Death Theme" Remix by Frank 's

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