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Here's our preliminary list of famous people that disappeared, who could make it into the game. Not everyone on the list, will be in the game - only a select few. You can help us decide, by giving us feedback, on who you'd like to see.

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The famous people, who mysteriously disappeared, and who've made our preliminary list are:

Big Band Leader Glen Miller, who disappeared over the English channel in late 1944

Australian Prime-Minister Harold Holt, who disappeared while swimming at the beach in 1969

Satirical American writer Ambrose Bierce, who disappeared in Mexico in 1914

Aviator Amelia Earhart, who disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean in mid-1937

Manic Street Preachers Guitarist Richey Edwards, who disappeared in 1995

Marie Celeste Captain Benjamin Briggs, who famously disappeared along with his crew, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in 1872

Pirate Henry Every, who disappeared in 1696, having just completed one of the most profitable pirate raids in all history

Warrior Spartacus, who disappeared during a battle in 88BC

Italian Explorer John Cabot, who disappeared in 1499 while sailing to try and find a western route from Europe to Asia

Prussian Explorer Ludwig Leichardt, who disappeared while exploring the Darling Downs of Queensland in 1848

Arctic and Antarctic Explorer Roald Amundsen, who disappeared on a search and rescue mission in the Arctic in 1928

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