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Penkura is a Science-fantasy project, build with the idea of merging variation of other games that add classic style strategy, role play and space sim features.

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Penkura is a Science-fantasy project, build with the idea of merging variation of other games that add classic style strategy system, role play and space sim features.

No aspects of the game will be truly prioritized by us, we want to equally add content and features to each gameplay mechanics, we want to allow players to truly become experts in a specific aspect of the game. At the end of Alpha stage when co-op will be added to the project. Players will be able to create a true team, where they will focus on their strongest abilities, to play Penkura in their own way.


Penkura is easy to pick up but hard to master the game, especially with the death mechanics which leave you without your equipment each time you die. Because of that, we allow players to build their own bots which will help you build bases, gather resources, protect you and your base.

If the need comes, you can take control of your own bot to travel in a hazardous environment. So you will be able to scout the area or repair your base without the risk of exposing yourself to unnecessary danger.

Player is able to create bases and stations through the " Construction Command Center " which will provide top-down camera compared to the classic RTS games.

Smaller components such as furniture and equipment will be built from first-person view to give player more precision.


Almost all items in the game can be created by the player. Most of them will be build using "MMC" (Molecular Matter Converter) which is a standard machine on every station, base or spaceship.

Entire Crafting system is already made with co-op in mind. This will allow players to cooperate in creating much more complex and bigger sets of items, that normally would require days of work.

Please note, the entire plan is made around creating specific parts of the project step by step. (for example communication system between players or specific atmospheric events) If we as a developers will decide that some of the ideas won’t fit within the project world, we will have to adjust our work plan and change some of the steps (it’s not common but it already happened few times in our development as most of the time, we can only correctly test the idea after it was made in at least basic stage).

Currently, we are at stage 4 of Alpha project with Alpha Build 9425.

  • Stage 4 is focused on giving player more possibilities in developing himself and already, built outpost. We don’t want our project to be complex for the new players but we want to try and provide a massive amount of things that players can do with simple objects, to make sure that player which invested a lot of time in the project, will still find new things that he can do.
  • Stage 5 is focused on providing more sets of items for the player to interact with. (Building parts, tools, armors, weapons and first vehicles)
  • Stage 6 is very important part of the development as it will focus on all type of dangers, player will face in each environment.
  • Stage 7 will provide players with complex buildings and building materials that will require a lot of work to achieve, while allowing game-changing scenarios. Here we will also test first updates with co-op.
  • Stage 8 is the last stage of Alpha project, it is focused on breaking the boundary of a player being stuck on one planet. Here we will add first space vessels and space travels. (It will be a very basic system but it will show the essence of our idea)

After all that we have Stage 1 of Beta project. Because a lot of things can change in Alpha stage, and massively affect Beta development, we will leave explaining what we will focus on in Beta for a later time.

Between each stage, there are of course few days that we will spend on adjusting everything that was added to make sure that we can get the best performance we can achieve with limited time.

In the year 2031 a Polish research team discovers an unknown temple deep in the Antarctic.
Soon after the discovery, Scientific Institution from around the world started to send their top scientist to the location of the temple where the first base was settled. The entire event didn’t hit the mainstream media till the first opening of the "Event Horizon" happened in the temple, which bounded two worlds together and leads to the discovery of planet Penkura.

After that event, an international meeting was set with all of the most powerful countries. It was decided that no country can put a claim on the discovery in fear of rising already high tensions between the countries. A civilian organization was set up to build bases between the two sister temples. Creating a stable connection which allowed scientist, engineers and colonist to be transported freely, the entire event was called “Gemini Project”.

42 years later after the first city was built on Penkura with the population of over one million an unknown anomaly was detected on the planet which started to change the climate of the entire world. Soon after, the link between the two worlds became to destabilize it was deemed unsafe to transport any personal.

Officially Gemini Base and the entire operation was shut down till the connection between the two worlds was active again. Unofficially a group of private mercenaries is sent directly to Penkura through the unstable event horizon with limited resources and Intel, their mission is to locate survivors and gather all the information they can about the unknown event until the next event horizon.

You are one of those mercenaries.

System Specifications will change with the development, we will add more features content and spend a lot of time on optimization which will highly effect game requirements.

Recommend Specification: (for average 60 FPS on Max settings).

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Hard Drive: 3 GB space

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