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While losing potential graphics power, (Unreal) Baseball would be more accessible to the masses as a standalone game...

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With all the problems experienced in modding UT3 to make even the level(s) for Unreal Baseball, id Tech 4's editor is less "bug-infested," and with the GPL release of id Tech 4 planned for 2009, what better time to convert the PC version of Unreal Baseball to id Tech 4? It would simply be called "Baseball" on the PC, and, Unreal Baseball for PS3 would be picked up again after some (possibly significant) progress on "Baseball." Ultimately the community will decide if this "mod" becomes a game of its own.

This video is of the only current Unreal Baseball developer's experimental level, made with the assistance a YouTube contact:


Good decision IMO dude, just seemed like the right thing because its such an established engine and all,and besides, the engine don't make the mod, gr8 engine doesn't always = in a gr8 mod......

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This is a BIG mistake. There's the UDK released you can make it in that engine. Id Tech 4, like its previous engines and this that derive from it (i.e. Half-Life 2), is just horribly frustrating in their C++ Programming. Unrealscript is rather easy.

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An00bus Author

It has been a few year since I worked on this, and actually I was just about to post a news update about this mod and mention the UDK, I would really like to get it going again!

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