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Post news RSS Paxitium Update Video #5 Released!

Hello everyone! We have many exciting features to show off in the fifth update video of our story-driven multiplayer survival game, Paxitium. Enjoy the video!

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The fifth update of Paxitium is finally out!

You can watch it on YouTube here:

Key major features showcased in the video:

  • Improved item gameplay. Melee weapons were reworked to feel more reponsive.
  • Added outlines on interactable objects to improve visibility at night.
  • Added various visual effects: explosion with camera shake, blood splatter on screen, item pickup effect, FPS legs, and proning camera behavior.
  • Added third person animations for various actions, such as reloading a weapon or consuming an item.
  • Doors will now open outwards based on where the player is facing.
  • Clothing now affects inventory space. Dropping backpacks will preserve items stored inside it.
  • Added body slot, which allows the player to hold items of any size.
  • Different looting mechanics for player and animal corpses.
  • Changed user interface and added many QoL changes.
  • Campfires can now cook raw meat.
  • Improved construction to support multi-storey bases.
  • Bushes make noise and slow the player down when walking through them.
  • Added 2 new islands.
  • Made various improvements on environment: wind animation and grass color blending.
  • Localization/translation of the user interface (WIP).
  • Added a tutorial.
  • Reworked the save game menu for singleplayer.

If you would like to help with the development of the game, you can contact us through:
Our Team Email: lutonstudios@gmail.com

We also have a Discord channel, along with Facebook and Twitter. You can follow those down below:
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Our Discord Server: Discord.gg

Thank you for your attention and see you in the next update log!

- Luton Studios


you know what would be a nice add to the sthealt gameplay, slower cruch on walkable bushes that makes you "invisible when not moving but transparent when moving" it would impact in your movement speed but would somewhat hinder everyone ability to see you wne you are going thorugh them.

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