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A lot of bugs have been encountered in the latest Garrysmod Patch, Garry and the Team are getting as much fixed as possible.

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  • Added Jalopy for EP2 owners
  • Fixed crash due to missing surfaceproperties
  • Fixed particle crash
  • Fixed some Lua threading issues
  • Fixed crash with Antlion Guard charge
  • Fixed rare crash when using voice chat
  • Fixed GameTitle crash
  • Fixed missing HL2 maps
  • Tweaked network convar defaults
  • Fixed being able to spawn non existing props (which showed as error.mdl)
  • Beefed up thruster power slightly
  • Fixed model ropes hanging from the bottom of the model
  • Fixed white water under DX7
  • Fixed some Lua backwards compatibility issues
  • Changed ground friction to be more in line with the previous version

If you're having issues, first try updating your video card drivers. If you have an NVIDIA card (geforce) they have an awesome tool that will scan and automatically download the right drivers, you can try that out by clicking here. If you have a ATI/Radeon you can download new drivers here. I know you're thinking that it probably isn't the drivers, but people have been sending me crashlogs and it turns out that their drivers are from 2004. So please check.  

If it isn't the drivers it could be mods or addons you have installed. Solve this by Cleaning GMod which will revert your copy of GMod to a nice fast, fresh version, like it's just been installed!


how can I download a update?
When I press to play online one menu
says : This game is outdate, please restart
i restart and... NOTHING! some one can help me here please?????
thanks !!!

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where can i download it?

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where can i download this patch/update please how i can download
please i neeed this update
my garry's mod ten has problem
the stargate mod no appear in my screem but the swadow appear
my friend say to mi "mi problem has resolved of i download this patch/update"
ok now how i can download this patch/update ?
please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

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you don't help me?
look to up and
say me ok!
voce nao vai me ajudar?
olhe para cima e me responda ok!

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