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V.0.2.1 was an update released October 26th, 2018.

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Hey everyone.
Patch: V.0.2.1 is live now!

New stuff:

  • New Sickness - Insomnia
  • Wet and Dry seasons
  • Notepad - Indicators reminding of new entries
  • Backpack - additional slot for blades.


  • Rain - different sound when player is in shelter.
  • Sleeping progress starts after fade out.
  • Mixed multiple sounds of cut leaves touching ground.
  • Information about how many items needs to be placed in ghost.
  • Changed VO when insects bite player.
  • Louder vomiting sound.
  • Load game no longer is present in challenge mode


  • Cooking slots - adjusted position of lager items
  • Torches now deal damage to AI
  • Fog now affects animal's fur
  • Hitting hidden turtle now keep him scared
  • Multiple roofs now can’t be placed on each other
  • Disappearing spear while exhausted - fixed
  • Player can’t catch worm while sleeping on Log and Bamboo Log Bed
  • Proceed Meat can be eaten after decay time as fresh if eaten directly from construction - fixed.
  • Harvested Stone does not make FX when thrown to water - fixed.
  • Player had difficulties with walking under frame buildings during constructing - fixed.
  • Ropes in frame ghosts are too hard to insert - fixed.
  • Info about built construction overflows from the screen - fixed.
  • Palm roof on Bamboo Frame remains after destroying Frame - fixed.
  • Near-death state grunts are present in a new game - fixed.
  • Click on Resume in pause menu cause the Bow to shoot - fixed.
  • Cuted plants are respawning when the scene is reloaded. -fixed
  • Smoker cannot be placed under the Building Frame - fixed.
  • Weapon Rack can’t be destroyed- fixed.
  • Construction no longer can be destroyed via shooting from Bow at it
  • Broken cooking slots fixed.
  • Infolog now show proper informations after drinking insusions
  • Fish on spear no longer can be destroyed
  • Missing info about parasites stacks.- fixed.
  • Sounds of falling body during passout. - fixed.
  • Game crashes when pressed [G] while holding heavy object - fixed
  • UI fixes.
  • Tons of arrows killing performance - fixed.
  • Animal animations fixed
  • Localization fixes.
  • Save game fixes.
  • Number of crashes fixed
  • A lot of optimizations fixes.

Thank you for your bug reports and feedbacks.

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