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There have been many major updates in the last few patches, including Guilds, Cosmetics, World Map, new Tutorial, Emperor Invasions and much much more.

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Last time we published a article here, we were announcing Patch V55's release. Since then we have had nine patches worth of content we're excited to share!

Graphical Update & Character Customization

Guilds of Gods had a major graphical update! Come checkout the beautiful new look of Eloria. This includes the ability to fully customize your adventurer!

Guilds & Entrance Exams

With the addition of Guilds, players get their first steps at learning the lore behind Eloria and the politics governing the world. Guilds exist based on various skills, such as the Woodcutting Guild, Mining Guild and Fishing Guild. Players come together to donate resources and upgrade their guilds to unlock content available only to powerful guilds.

Emperor & Invasions

The tyrannical Emperor rules Eloria with an iron fist. The only domains not actively under his control are the Guilds. The Emperor is constantly at war with these guilds, planning invasions and assassination attempts on the Guild Masters. Players must come together to defend their guilds from these invasions, or risk their guild falling under empire control.


Quests have been added to Guilds of Gods, with five quests to start. Three of these quests are entrance exams needed to join the various guilds.

Food Expansion

There was a large scale food update, bringing milk, flour, eggs, cake, pies and various other foods to Eloria. With this update brought new NPCs, such as cows and sheep.

Map Expansion & Map

The map has been drastically expanded this year, growing 400% in size! It's not just the overworld too, there are many more dungeons to explore and special areas. There is also a Map button, allowing players to checkout the map in full while playing the game.

Magic Rework

Magic was reworked entirely this year. With it, a new magic skill was added, Environment Magic. Combat magic stayed combat focused, with Environment Magic allowing the creating of teleports, enchantments, and essence syphoning.


Enchantments allow strong magical users to enchant spells onto rings and amulets. A player can simultaneously use seven enchantments at a time, making enchantments the perfect way to customize your gameplay.

Death Rework

Dying is not as punishing as it used to be. Players can buy-back their items on death, and earn Soul Coins for killing other players in PvP scenarios.

This is just a fraction of the new content that's came out! For the full list, come play Guilds of Gods and see for yourself!

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